San Cristobal Island, Galapagos

We were given some time to sleep in with our wake up time being only 7:30 AM. Today we would catch our final speedboat of the trip to the capital city/island of the Galapagos province, San Cristóbal Island

After a quick breakfast, we took a bus to the Santa Cruz boat docks where we had our bags checked and tagged. Then, we repeated the complicated, but familiar process of using the water taxis to get to the speedboat. The trip to San Cristóbal lasted just under 2 hours. We got to the San Cristóbal dock at just past 10:00 AM. We went directly to a little shop across the way from the dock that had equipment for snorkeling. I had decided that I didn’t want to give snorkeling another try. So as some of the others got their equipment, I did some souvenir shopping in the nearby stores. Once everyone had gathered their equipment, we had to wait for the bus that would take us to the snorkeling location. As we waited outside the store, guess who happened to walk by!?! If you guessed shark attack boy, and his family, you’d be correct! It was at this time that they told us what had transpired after we had left them the day before.

The bus arrived to take us to La Loberia, a popular spot to see, and snorkel with sea lions. It was about a 10-minute drive to the parking, followed by a 10-minute walk to get to the beach. It was a large semi-circular inlet that went out about 200 feet. Plenty of room for everyone! Everyone who was snorkeling put on their equipment and had a small briefing. Then they got into the water and swam to the far end of the semi-circle. The others who had decided not to get into the water just strolled along the beach. Although La Loberia is known for the presence of sea lions, because it was early in the morning, and the sun was not at its highest yet, the sea lions hadn’t yet come out of the water to sunbathe. Even without the sea lions though, it was a beautiful spot and the warm sand under my feet felt great. One by one, the snorkelers started to come back to shore saying that the water was quite chilly, and there wasn’t much to see considering that the sea lions were still out at sea. About 20 minutes after entering the water, all of the snorkelers had come back in to shore, and we decided to just sit and sunbathe for a little while. About 15 minutes later, we made the walk back to the bus, then took the bus back to the pier.

From the pier, we walked to a nearby restaurant for lunch. Lunch was delicious. I would even go as far as to say that lunch here was my favorite meal in Ecuador and the Galapagos. It was breaded chicken, a salad, and fries. DELICIOUS IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT! After finishing our wonderful meal, we headed to the hotel on foot. Upon arriving at the hotel, we were given 1 hour to freshen up, change into our swimsuits, and come down to the lobby. WE WERE GOING TO THE BEACH!

We met down in the lobby and got on a bus and made the 5-minute drive to the beach. We spent 45 minutes at the beach most of which time we spent playing amphibian tag. This is tag in the water, AND on the beach. It was such a fun time. However, soon it was time to go back to the hotel.

When we got to the hotel, my friend and I realized, that there was an open-air terrace on the roof of the building. It had hammocks and beanbag chairs, and it was just an all-around great place to hang out. We were so enjoying our new hangout, that we were almost late for dinner. Dinner was again fantastic but did not compare to lunch earlier in the day. After dinner, we strolled along the ocean and peeped into some of the small boutiques along the walkway. It was a beautiful night, and perfect weather for ice cream, so of course we indulged a little.

As we walked, we came across a little playground with little kids from the island playing on it. We joined in the fun for a little while and it brought back some nice childhood memories.

As we walked towards the hotel, we passed a church. We realized it was Good-Friday mass, and that soon, a large procession would be lead around the town to celebrate. We didn’t want to join the possession, but it seemed like a fun tradition.

When we came back to the hotel, we had the rest of the day to ourselves and spent it up on the terrace. We talked late into the night on the terrace, and before we knew it, it was time for bed.

Today wasn’t the most eventful day, but it was still loads of fun. I hope you enjoyed hearing about it. Stay tuned for more about my spring break Ecuador trip! Until next Time!

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